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I've posted the same question on Google Groups, bu to no avail. I'll sync the answer if found here.

Side note: reminded me again why I despise Google Groups. The format and the usability are just awful.


Imagine that I have the following HTML in CodeMirror in XML mode:

<div data-id="parent"><span data-id="test"></span></div>

I am able, on right-click or hover (or any other user-initiated event, really), to get the token the mouse is over. It's name and type.

My question - can I get "parent" token and its attributes?

To illustrate:

  1. if I clicked on test, I'd like to be able to tell that it's value of attribute data-id "under" span.

  2. if I clicked on span, I'd like to be able to get its data-id, but also to know that it's "under" div token.

This, of course, assumes that the language provides concept of "parent" or "under"... which I guess XML/HTML does.

Any ideas? Is there an API for that, either in CM or XML/HTML corresponding mode?

I've tried going the parsing route - getting stuff around the "current" token, but it's very ugly and doesn't properly work.

Thank you.

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There is no API for that. A while ago, I tried to write a code around the "token" to get to the parent element, the code was ugly and slow in some cases, so I limited code to return current element and its attributes. –  aljordan82 Nov 2 '13 at 13:45

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var cur = cm.getCursor()
var token = cm.getTokenAt(cur);
var inner = CodeMirror.innerMode(cm.getMode(), token.state);
var cx = inner.state.context
var tagName = cx.tagName
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