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Now the table structure and data are like below:

Name      record_number        Area
a         1                    CN
a         3                    DE
a         4                    FR
a         6                    DE
b         1                    DE
b         2                    CN

the primary key is (name, record_number)

the record_nubmer was generated by max(record_number) + 1, just assume that there are two records were deleted by record_number = 2/5 and name = 'a', so can anyone tell me how to remove record_nubmer gaps in the table above after deleting and the final results should be like this:

Name      record_number        Area
a         1                    CN
a         2                    DE
a         3                    FR
a         4                    DE
b         1                    DE
b         2                    CN
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You can update the records with delete command, something like:

update my_table set record_number = record_number - 1
where name = :old.name and record_number > :old.record_number

I'm not sure whether you can create this trigger or not (and I can't access an Oracle deployment just now).

Try to create such an trigger (after delete each row), if not, update the application, so after each delete, the above query get executed.

Another solution is, execute following query:

select name, record_number, rank() over (partition by name order by record_number) new_record_number
  from my_table

now iterate over the result, and execute:

update my_table
   set record_number = :new_record_number
 where name = :name and
       record_number = :record_number

The whole thing can become an stored procedure, and then call it after each delete command.

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Inspired by @AmirPashazadeh 's rank(), here's a one-line solution:

UPDATE my_table t3
  SET record_number=(SELECT
   FROM my_table t1
    rank() over (partition by name ORDER BY record_number) rank
    FROM my_table) t2 ON (t1.name=t2.name AND t1.record_number=t2.record_number)
   WHERE t1.name=t3.name AND t1.record_number=t3.record_number);

SQL Fiddle demo

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thanks, but how can I get the result by Area field? I want the Area looked like this: CN DE DE FR –  user2575502 Oct 28 '13 at 14:29
@user2575502 Do you mean SELECT * FROM my_table ORDER BY area ASC? –  Passerby Oct 29 '13 at 2:55

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