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I'm working on this application where I need to upload large data files to my SQL Server DB, and I've been using FileStream to do it more efficiently.

I understand the files are stored directly into my system's folders (C:\CryptoDB).

The thing is, I need to manipulate these files (decrypt them) but I haven't been able to recover their filepath. Doing so, I would be able to manipulate them directly, not having to re-download them via SQL, which is a real waste.

What I've been able to do so far:

My table:

CREATE TABLE [arquivo] (
[idUsuario]   INT NOT NULL,
[fileState]   INT NOT NULL,
[fileContent] varbinary(max) FILESTREAM,
[fileName]    VARCHAR (150)   NULL,
[fileSize]    VARCHAR (50)    NULL,


CONSTRAINT [FK_arquivo_usuario] FOREIGN KEY ([idUsuario]) REFERENCES usuario(id)


Insert into arquivo(id, idUsuario, fileState, fileContent, fileName, fileSize) Values(
(SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK 'c:\medio.jpeg', SINGLE_BLOB) AS varbinary(max)) ,

And when I try to recover the filepath:

DECLARE @filePath varchar(max)

SELECT @filePath = fileContent.PathName()
FROM arquivo

PRINT @filepath

The result I get:


Where the file actually is:

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The path you get is correct, you are supposed to get the network share path not the local path and use SqlFileStream to open a stream.

You could also get a file handle using OpenSqlFilestream method, i.e. to use it in Windows API.

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