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I have 3 of my sites hosted on the same dedicated server.

A hacker broke into Site A last week, using the security hole of an out-of-date editor, and uploaded a backdoor php script named help.php in one of the folders on Site A, and the path to the backdoor script was like /home/siteA/public_html/readme/help.php.

An hour later, he copied the backdoor script to folders on Site B and C, and had 3 backdoor scripts on my server: /home/siteB/public_html/help.php and /home/siteC/public_html/help.php.

My question is, how was that possible, considering the sites are assigned under different users.

Shouldn't all of his activities restricted within the site where the back door script was initially uploaded on Site A? How did he get the permission to access to folders on Site B and C?

Thank you.

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The directories are under control of the same user, however, also in control of those directories is the www-data user, which generally has the most access on the system, because it has to be able to access everyone's files to share them.

If the attacker managed to upload the script, they may have used it to run a command as the www-data user, allowing them to have access to the other sites as well.

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