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I just started to use observable list in dart. It notifies when the list is updated. When it's a removing case, it only gives me the index it removes from and how many items were removed. How am I supposed to know which items were removed since I only have indices and the 'updated' list (the items have already been removed from it.) I want to know if I miss something before I manually put extra code in it.

Thanks, yi

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Can you post an example? –  Nathanial Oct 29 '13 at 17:17
say I have a list [obj0, obj1, obj2] and i do list.removeAt(0). Currently it gives me which index has been changed which is 0 and the "modified" array which is [obj1,obj2] so I have no way to get obj0 once I performed the remove action. My question is is there any way that I can get the obj0? –  yi chen Nov 4 '13 at 22:18

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The List removeAt() method returns the removed object. So, you can simply assign the value of removeAt() to a variable, like this:

var list = [obj0, obj1, obj2];
var first = list.removeAt(0);
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