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i'm trying to visualize data over years and I want to show it on maps. I found the following things that match my work, but i don't know how these can be made. Are there any tutorials for doing these kind of visualizations?

http://visual.ly/cian-%E2%80%94-moscow-real-estate-prices-map http://visual.ly/macrometeorites?view=true

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Use D3JS. It was designed for this. www.d3js.org –  MarsOne Oct 28 '13 at 6:18

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I prefer D3.js

which provide you lots and lots of flexibility and techniques to visualize your data. Its easy to handle and also there are lots of tutorials available to learn about it by a new user.

The WorldJSON in D3 is getting more wider as it covers almost all the countries around the globe.



Hope this provides you a small idea about d3

you can do lots of customisation with less efforts.

I saw you need more work on animation effects on data visualisation methods(charts,graphs etc) then i can say D3 a perfect match for your requirement

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