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I have camel route configured as below:

<route id="text-file-route">
                                uri="file:files/merchant?antInclude={{include-file-type}}&amp;initialDelay=1000&amp;delay=1000&amp;move=${file:name.noext}.processed" />
                        <split streaming="true">
                                <tokenize token="\n" />
                                <process ref="splitBatchAdapterProcessor" />
                                <process ref="merchantStreamProcessor" />
                                <process ref="merchantTableProcessor" />
                                <to uri="mock:dummy" />

With current configuration the file gets renamed even if an exception is thrown while processing the file. What i want is, the file should only be rename if no exception is thrown while the file.

I an using camel 2.12.

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You need to turn on shareUnitOfWork so the splitter returns back the exception so the file consumer can rollback. You can read more about this at: http://camel.apache.org/splitter

  <split streaming="true" shareUnitOfWork="true">
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