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On this webpage, there is a thumbnail mouseover effect i like.
Is this effect possible with CSS3 or jQuery?
I searched a lot to find this effect, but I can't find one.
Please give me a solution for this.

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you can use css3 transition w3schools.com/css/css3_transitions.asp –  Deekey Oct 28 '13 at 7:11

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This effect is done with two images and JavaScript.
They added both images over each other and just trigger the display. This makes a very bad hover effect, when you hover the elements very fast.

So for this effect, CSS3 is much better! Just add a background-image to the link, add a background-image-transition to the link and change the background-image when hovering the element.

Here is a working CodePen Demo

To change the duration of the effect or the animation-type, take a look to this page, which tells you all the different animation-types.

To have a longer duration of the transition when you hover the mouse out than when you hover the mouse on, just add an additional transition statement.
Here is again a working Codepen Demo with a 0.3s on-hover duration and a 1s hover out duration.

   /* This is the transition, when you hover OUT the element */
   transition: background 1s;

   /* This is the transition, when you hover ON the element */
   transition: background 0.3s;
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Thank you for your response.already i know this method with css3 transition. it is fine.but i want to make more slow on mouse out when it comparing to mouse over.then only get that effect what i think. –  vipin Oct 29 '13 at 4:16
@vipin: Please take a look to my edited answer. I added a solution to have two different durations of the transition. Is it what you mean? –  dTDesign Oct 29 '13 at 8:23

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