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I stored images using Rackspace CloudFiles. Now I want to display it as a gallery in the browser. Is there any way to generate thumbnails from my files from the Rackspace side?

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What language are you using? – Kyle Kelley Oct 28 '13 at 11:12
The answer is no. The Cloud Files API [] offers no such options. It would be really handy as there can sometimes be considerable lag when a script has to download a full size image to generate a thumbnail on the fly. If you do need to generate thumbnails on the fly then I'd recommend the approach of setting the thumbnail's src with the URL of a server side script, that outputs the thumbnail. Make sure the script is also running under a different domain to that of the webpage, to avoid the process from seizing up the current user's session. – nick May 1 '14 at 11:27

While there's not a way to do this with the Rackspace or OpenStack Swift libraries, you can create thumbnails for the images programmatically and upload those.

Python - pyrax + PIL (pillow)

For instance, if you're using Python you can use Pillow (PIL) to create thumbnails and pyrax to upload. You'll need to pip install both of these. Prior to installing Pillow, make sure to install system packages for libjpeg and libpng (or follow the instructions in Pillow's installation documentation).

import os
from StringIO import StringIO

import pyrax
from PIL import Image

# Authenticate with Rackspace
pyrax.set_setting("identity_type", "rackspace")
cs = pyrax.cloudservers
cf = pyrax.cloudfiles

# Get the container we'll be uploading to
gallery = cf.get_container("gallery")

# Arbitrarily setting a thumbnail size

infile = os.path.expanduser("~/mommapanda.jpg")
# We'll use StringIO to simulate a file
out = StringIO()

im =

im.thumbnail((maxwidth,maxheight), Image.ANTIALIAS), "PNG")

# Back to the start of our "file"


The above code turns this big image

momma panda

into this thumbnail

momma panda thumbnail

and uploads it to a container called gallery on CloudFiles.

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