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I'm trying to run an application using vagrant. I have a directory where the codebase of app is placed and the .vagrant dir that is created there after its initializing. It looks so:


There is a some very short manual about what to do (https://github.com/numenta/nupic/wiki/Running-Nupic-in-a-Virtual-Machine) and I stopped at the point 9 where is said:

9) Expose [app] codebase to the vagrant instance... If you have the codebase checkout out, you can copy or move it into the current directory...

So it's not clear for me what to copy and where? Does it mean some place within vagrant (if yes, then which exactly?) or some another place? Or I should just make a command vagrant ssh now?

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From the Vagrant documentation:

By default, Vagrant will share your project directory (the directory with the Vagrantfile) to /vagrant.

So you should find your codebase root should under /vagrant on your guest.

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Well, I suggested just so. I have run VirtualBox and it exposed to me this: folders: /vagrant path: [app_root] So I was confused because it seems that everything OK and I should just make command vagrant ssh exactly in app_root directory, right? But why there in the manual is said about copy code base if it is existed there already? Now is it enough to command *vagrant ssh? –  srgg6701 Oct 28 '13 at 15:52
The manual says "If you have the codebase checkout out", but in your case is already "in". You don't have to copy anything. If your codebase had been in a different place you should have copied into the directory with the Vagrantfile. –  Emyl Oct 29 '13 at 8:35

This is always going to be a little confusing, so you need to separate the concepts of the host system and the VM.

Let's say the shared directory (the one with the Vagrantfile) is [something]/vagrant on your host system. Copy your app directory to [something]/vagrant/nupic (or run git clone in that directory) while still in Windows. Check using Windows Explorer that you see all the source files.

In a console window, cd to [something]/vagrant and run vagrant ssh.

You are now in the VM, so everything is now the VM's filesystem. Your code is now in /vagrant/nupic. Edit .bashrc as per the instructions to point to this directory, and run the build commands.

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