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please help! I need use two jquery scripts - dynamic select box and clone row. Each of them work fine but I cannot find the way to use it together in one script. Thank you for any suggestion! Petr


    		// start a counter for new row IDs
    		// by setting it to the number
    		// of existing rows
    		var newRowNum = 0;

    		// bind a click event to the "Add" link
    			// increment the counter
    			newRowNum += 1;

    			// get the entire "Add" row --
    			// "this" refers to the clicked element
    			// and "parent" moves the selection up
    			// to the parent node in the DOM
    			var addRow = $(this).parent().parent();

    			// copy the entire row from the DOM
    			// with "clone"
    			var newRow = addRow.clone();

    			// set the values of the inputs
    			// in the "Add" row to empty strings
    			$('input', addRow).val('');

    			// replace the HTML for the "Add" link 
    			// with the new row number
    			$('td:first-child', newRow).html(newRowNum);

    			// insert a remove link in the last cell
    			$('td:last-child', newRow).html('Remove');

    			// loop through the inputs in the new row
    			// and update the ID and name attributes
    			$('input', newRow).each(function(i){
    				var newID = newRowNum + '_' + i;

    			// insert the new row into the table
    			// "before" the Add row

    			// add the remove function to the new row
    			$('a.remove', newRow).click(function(){
    				return false;				

    			// prevent the default click
    			return false;


function makeSublist(parent,child,isSubselectOptional,childVal)
    $('.'+parent+child).html($("."+child+" option"));

    var parentValue = $('.'+parent).attr('value');
    $('.'+child).html($("."+parent+child+" .sub_"+parentValue).clone());

    childVal = (typeof childVal == "undefined")? "" : childVal ;

    	var parentValue = $('.'+parent).attr('value');
    	$('.'+child).html($("."+parent+child+" .sub_"+parentValue).clone());
    	if(isSubselectOptional) $('.'+child).prepend(" -- Select -- ");

    makeSublist('child','grandsun', true, '');	
    makeSublist('parent','child', false, '1');	

    	alert( 'Value is: ' + $('.parent').val() );
    	alert( 'Text is: ' + $('.child :selected').text() );
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can you post a demo page of your code so far on ? – Russ Cam Dec 26 '09 at 11:29
plz add your html – ezmilhouse Apr 18 '11 at 8:23

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It won't be exactly suited to your needs but you should be able to customise it pretty easily.

I just finished a project of my own where I was doing this but I wasn't aware there were two separate plugins to perform this functionality but you can see my code here:

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