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I have to use response.writehead to redirect to a different page. How can i do this in sql query.

Here is my code.

socket.on('login_check', function(email, pwd) { 
    connection.query("SELECT id,user_type FROM user WHERE email = '"+email+"' AND password = '"+pwd+"'ORDER BY name ", 
    function (error, results, fields) { 
        if (error) { 
        if (results[0]) { 
            // some code     
        } else { 

           // Have to use response.writehead here. Please guide how to do this. If i use it here directly then it will give response is undefined error.

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It looks to me like you're using socket.io, not responding to a traditional HTTP request. Thus you have no "response" object to use. I suggest you use socket.emit() to send a message over the socket back to the client, and use client-side javascript to change window.location manually.

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This will not server my purpose. Actuall my problem is stackoverflow.com/questions/19567721/… –  Vardan Oct 28 '13 at 12:54

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