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I am Iranian and Persian language Translated into English by Google

First - I thank you for this good site

I have two boxes / Like the picture below


I click on the arrows in each box Box is opened or closed And in all styles, fonts and colors .... To change

css is much better But if it was okay jQuery

Thanks to all friends Help me with whatever language they Translate by google

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I found the answer Demo 'jsfiddle.net/gpHum/12/'; But When put the two box not working 'jsfiddle.net/gpHum/13/'; why ??? Please help me –  user2927783 Oct 28 '13 at 18:11

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Here is a PURE CSS solution to your issue http://jsfiddle.net/gpHum/24/

however I won't call it proper solution as I am using label element to toggle div, instead a element should be preferred. But don't have luck with that right now!

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