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Struts is having TokenInterceptor and TokenSessionStoreInterceptor which uses token generated on jsp by <s:token></s:token> tag , shown below.

<input type="hidden" name="token" value="66BKG349UZRZKKFH7NFSNOCJGIX0UPST" />       

What algorithm it uses to generate token randomly.

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When i went through the source code, There is a static method - generateGUID() in org.apache.struts2.util.TokenHelper Class, which is used to create the token

public static String generateGUID() {
        return new BigInteger(165, RANDOM).toString(36).toUpperCase();

Here RANDOM is referencing a new Random() instance member. When I tested the generateGUID() method, it generated the following similar tokens below

enter image description here

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This is how Struts2 is generating token code

BigInteger(165, RANDOM).toString(36).toUpperCase();

have a look at generateGUID() method in TokenHelper

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