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I need to be able to replace a value in a field for e.g. a I.P - but this I.P will change.

I have tried to use the CHARINDEX and SUBSTRING

    case when cr.DateOfCall between convert(varchar, getdate(), 112) and convert(varchar, getdate() +1, 112) then 
            '\\\Recordings\***\' + 
            substring(***, charindex('\201', ***) + 1, 100)

How will I do it so it will replace it with text


I have the I.P [] or [] but I will need this to say - "...//EXAMPLE..."

Thanks in advance,


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You need the value as http://EXAMPLE/xyz/as.c? –  TechDo Oct 28 '13 at 12:23
Question not clear. BTW, why are you converting date as varchar here? –  Kaf Oct 28 '13 at 13:09

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Please try:

declare @tbl as table(Col nvarchar(max))
insert into @tbl values ('')
insert into @tbl values ('')

select Stuff(Col, charindex('//', Col, 0)+2, charindex('/', replace(Col, '//', ''), 0)-charindex('//', Col, 0), 'EXAMPLE')
From @tbl
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