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I have 3 groups of radiobuttons, all of them properly named. On submit() I want to check if user selected option from each of groups.

I do that that way:

      var selectedUser = $('input[name="selectedUser"]').val();
      var searchType = $('input[name="shareType"]').val();
      var selectedSearch = $('input[name="selectedSearch"]').val();
      console.log(selectedUser, searchType, selectedSearch);

      return false; //for testing purposes

The problem is that each of three variables return not null values even if none of radiobuttons is selected.

Fact that might be important: each of groups contains more than 1 radiobutton, each radiobutton has distinct value.

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duplicate of… – Ram Singh Oct 28 '13 at 13:04

You need to test if the radio is selected, you can do this using the :checked pseudo-selector:

  var selectedUser = $('input[name="selectedUser"]:checked').val();
  var searchType = $('input[name="shareType"]:checked').val();
  var selectedSearch = $('input[name="selectedSearch"]:checked').val();
  if(selectedUser || searchType || selectedSearch) {
      // At least one selected
  else {
      // None selected
      return false;

Here is a fiddle which demonstrates.

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I thought that radiobutton val() works the same way as in <input type='select'/>. Thanks! – ex3v Oct 28 '13 at 13:04

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