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I want to run a job on all the active nodes of a 64 node Sun Grid Engine Cluster, scheduled using qsub. I am currently using array-job variable for the same, but sometimes the program is scheduled multiple times on the same node.

qsub -t 1-64:1 -S /home/user/.local/bin/bash program.sh

Is it possible to schedule only one job per node, on all nodes parallely?

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You could use a parallel environment. Create a parallel environment with :

qconf -ap "parallel_environment_name"

and set "allocation_rule" to 1, which means that all processes will have to reside on different hosts. Then when submitting your array job, specify your the number of nodes you want to use with your parallel environment. In your case :

qsub -t 1-64:1 -pe "parallel_environment_name" 64 -S /home/user/.local/bin/bash program.sh

For more information, check these links: http://linux.die.net/man/5/sge_pe and https://blogs.oracle.com/templedf/entry/configuring_a_new_parallel_environment

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I you have a bash terminal, you can run

for host in $(qhost | tail -n +4 | cut -d " " -f 1); do qsub -l hostname=$host program.sh; done
  • "-l hostname=" specifies on which host to run the job.
  • The for loop iterates over the result returned by qstat to take each node and call the command specifying the host to use.
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Doesn't work out. The scheduler is doing its own thing. Printed the $HOSTNAME in each program outfile. This is what I get: node005.local node005.local node010.local node011.local node021.local node023.local node028.local node038.local node049.local node054.local node003.local node028.local node006.local node023.local node019.local node059.local node022.local node058.local node011.local node005.local node048.local node038.local node049.local I think I need to also explicitly mention processors per node? –  Sahil M Oct 29 '13 at 10:41
Hum it works for me... I don't know why you get those prints. Which version os SGE are you using? Maybe it differs with mine. And no, you don't need to mention processors per node. –  Finch_Powers Oct 29 '13 at 13:23
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