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I am in buffer A and use M-. on some function name which jumps me to buffer B. From that function, I use M-. again which jumps me to buffer C. Now I have seen what I want and want to go back to buffer A. I don't know of a command to do this without opening the buffer list and finding the buffer I was in or remembering the buffer's name and typing it in. What do you do to solve this?

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M-*  Pop back to where you previously invoked M-. and friends. 

from Emacs Find Tag.

It basically works like a stack push/pop, like this:

      M-.           M-.  
  ---------->   ----------> 
A             B             C
  <----------   <----------
      M-*           M-*
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+1 for visual effect – Trey Jackson Dec 26 '09 at 16:23

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