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I'm using Shopify CakePHP library and when I want to create the recurring payments I keep getting error "Unprocessable Entity".

Same error is occurring for two similar libraries: First, Second

Error is occuring in these section:

// Create a new recurring charge
        $charge = array
                "name"=>"Super Duper Plan",

            $recurring_application_charge = $sc->call('POST', '/admin/recurring_application_charges.json', $charge);

            // API call limit helpers
            echo $sc->callsMade(); // 2
            echo $sc->callsLeft(); // 498
            echo $sc->callLimit(); // 500

        catch (ShopifyApiException $e)
            debug($e->getMessage()); // Error

Error that I'm getting is number 422 which has this description : The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors. That means that something inside an array is wrong. Can you tell me what could be the problem in here?

Note: $charge section was copy/paste from Shopify Billing API documentation


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If you're using https://github.com/isaacbowen/shopify-cakephp why are you constructing and performing the request manually? You should be able to use the helpers that it creates, I see a ShopifyRecurringApplicationCharge class in the code. I'm definitely no php expert but I'm not sure your request is going to encode your payload to json correctly is it?

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