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Our problem with ColdFusion 10 is that there is the /rest/ URL binded. In our application we have a rest service ourselves. Since ColdFusion 10 it will not work because the URL is already defined and our requests won't get through. Is there any way to disable /rest/ completely? Or do we have to rename our service?

I also tried to edit the axis2.xml file

<parameter name="disableREST" locked="true">true</parameter>
<parameter name="restPath">restdisabled</parameter>

But that won't effect anything on the server.

Thanks in advance!

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Disclaimer: I have not tried this and do not have a ColdFusion 10 installation nearby to verify

There is a servlet mapping defined in the web.xml file that defines how to handle /rest/ requests for ColdFusion. So you should be able to rename that URI to something else for your implementation. The web.xml file is located under the wwwroot\WEB-INF directory on your ColdFusion server.

I found some reference to this here - Getting started with RESTful web services in ColdFusion (under the Accessing a REST Service through HTTP section)

That documentation also mentioned updating the uriworkermap.properties file. Here is an excerpt from that page:

rest in the URL specifies that the request is for a REST service. ColdFusion has a servlet mapping for the same and would direct the request to the servlet that handles REST service. If there is a directory in the server webroot with the same name, you must update the servlet mapping in web.xml file inside wwwroot\WEB-INF directory. Also, you must update the same mapping in the uriworkermap.properties file located under the config\wsconfig\1 of the server directory.

You will need to restart the ColdFusion service after making any changes to these files.

While this will not disable the functionality in ColdFusion it will allow your services to respond under the /rest/ URI because ColdFusion will be listening under a different one that you define.

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Thx that worked very well! –  nthommen Oct 29 '13 at 6:19

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