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In SQL Server, if I had a table like:

create table configs
   name         varchar(128),
   configXML    varchar(max)

I could do:

insert into configs(name, configXML) values ('name', 'any size xml string')

Right now in Oracle, I have an xmlType for the configXML column, and I'm not sure how to insert a large xml file in Toad, since it is giving me a string literal size limit. Loading it from a file may not be an option as I would only be able to do that on a development server and not in a Production environment.



I can't link my actual insert, but it is a lot like the example, just replace 'any size xml string' with something larger than 4000 characters.

I get the error message:

"ORA-01704: string literal too long"

which I assume is a string limitation and not indicative of the xmlType variable.

Edit #2:

This is what I ended up doing, please tell me there is a better way...

variable tmp varchar2(4000);
exec :tmp := 'large xml piece 1';

variable tmp2 varchar2(4000);
exec :tmp2 := 'large xml piece 2';

variable tmp3 varchar2(4000);
exec :tmp3 := 'large xml piece 3';

--select :tmp, :tmp2, :tmp3 from dual;

select xmltype(to_clob(:tmp )|| to_clob(:tmp2) || to_clob(:tmp3)) from dual;
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Show us what you tried so far along with the precise error message –  Ian Carpenter Oct 28 '13 at 19:38

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