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if i put the value to be passed in translateX() function in a variable pos (see the code below) , the transition effect is not shown in chrome but works fine in Firefox, whereas by giving the value directly in translateX() function, it works in both.

   function fn()
        var pos=100;        //variable pos defines position of text
        var idd="one";
        var elem=document.getElementById(idd);

     /*does not work in chrome*/   elem.style.cssText="transition:transform 1s;-webkit-transition:transform 1s;transform:translateX("+pos+"px);-webkit-transform:translateX("+pos+"px);"; 

/* works in both           elem.style.cssText="transition:transform 1s;-webkit-transition:transform 1s;transform:translateX(100px);-webkit-transform:translateX(100px);";*/     
//html ::

   <div  id="one" >

   <div onclick="fn()">
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