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I'm trying to get a permalink structure of domain/post-id/post-name/ for all custom post types and built-in Posts, but not built-in Pages. I don't think this is possible.

Now, I can get this working for a single custom post type, or the built-in Posts type, but not more than one post type at a time. All other pages/CPTs in the system display the archive of whatever post type is using the domain/post-id/post-name/ permastructure whenever I make this active.


(StackOverflow keeps complaining about my indenting so it's in that pastebin.)

Some notes:

1) The custom post I've set up has the rewrite slug set to /%cpt_id%/ and with_front as false.

2) I am using WP MU. I know this is a big factor, but I've forced the permalink slug (which is normally /blog/) to be /%post_id%/%postname%/, which for built-in Posts gives me the domain/post-id/post-name/ structure. However, if I implement the code I've provided, this structure breaks (and all other links in the site), and the permastructure for the custom post type works.

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