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I'm looking for a bundle to integrate CAS authentication on Symfony 2.3. I found these options and the truth is I'm not convinced any, since almost all bundles seem to be abandoned without updating.

1.- sensiolabs / CasBundle: https://github.com/sensiolabs/CasBundle The documentation is sparse and incomplete. I have not found any examples of how to use it.

2.- BeSimple / BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle: https://github.com/BeSimple/BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle With this I'm testing and I am having some problems. I think I'm on the 4th problem solved and I get behind another.

3.- Symfony CAS Client: https://wiki.jasig.org/display/CASC/Symfony+CAS+Client Totally outdated

Really, there are so few options to authenticate with CAS in symfony?

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We end up implementing our own provider using jasig/phpcas Was pretty straightforward. –  rolebi May 11 at 14:27
I am having the same problem. Currently strugling with login_path of BeSimpleSsoAuthBundle. After authenticating, CAS server forwards me to /login... There is really very little docs on this... :( –  Jovan Perovic Sep 22 at 21:35

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