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This has got to have already been asked before I cannot find a post for this question.

I have a link with href="javascript.void(0);" in it but I don't want to status bar to who this, I'd rather it show some kind of title or an actual url that I want to give it. I tried using the title attribute but this doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I've seen this done before so many its been deprecated for HTML5?


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I believe this has been deprecated due to the security implications, there are features such as window.status which used to work, however these no longer seem to be supported by modern browsers.

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EDIT: Ok, it looks like you're trying to change the browser status bar text for a link. using window.status to set the display text of a link used to be how this was done, but it is no longer a possibility - it's been turned off in modern browsers for security reasons. However, some sites still do something similar - apparently Facebook and Google, judging from a quick search right here on SO. However, their solutions are a little complicated. I'd suggest going to one of those pages and viewing the source to try to figure it out.

EDIT #2: take a look at this jsfiddle - it might do what you want: http://jsfiddle.net/c4BZG/88/


<a href="javascript.void(0);" 


function showNiceLink(el,e){
    e = e || event;
    el.originalHref = el.originalHref || el.href;
    if (/click|out/i.test(e.type)){
        return el.href = el.originalHref;
    } else {
        el.href = "http://Linking...";
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