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Is there any free software that can take C source files and generating documentation using them?

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Have a look at Doxygen.

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Doxygen is garbage. Search does not do substring matches, it often glitches out and doesn't even work. The syntax is obtrusive. The "Main Page" it generates is not helpful. It skips over enums. – andrewrk Aug 25 at 8:53
Doxygen is worst than garbage when you only want to document a .C file with some functions. It's faster to build your own system than find a solution with Doxygen – vlzvl Sep 30 at 9:03

Doxygen can generate documentation files from the comments in the source. Its free and quite popular.

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use doxygen its a great tool to browse code and see classes and members relations with each other. the tool produces clickable html output for your source code with references for each usage. you can compile it to a searchable chm file or use a web server to search the code for keywords.

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What do you mean by class and member relations? I know it has support for this in C++, but how does it work in C? – IslandCow Sep 6 '11 at 20:24

Check out docurium. It's a simple, git-tag aware, documentation generator specifically for C.

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Checkout cldoc

Simple, open source and written in Python.

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