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I've added tags to the pages on my dnn site and I would like to display a simple list of the tags that the page is assigned to at the bottom of the page.

I'm using DNN 6 and I've read that this is possible by adding some lines to the skin file. I've added

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="TAGS" Src="~/Admin/Skins/Tags.ascx" %>

and <dnn:tags runat="server" id="dnnTags" /> as per online suggestions

When I view the page there are no tags, and in the source the only thing outputted is an empty div <div class="horizontal"></div> This does suggest that the tags.acsx is being called ok

I thought maybe tags weren't working, but when I put a ContentList module on the page and visit the page with ?Tag=test appended to the link it does pick up all the pages and modules with that tag, including the page I am testing.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?


I've now found that removing the below section of code from tags.ascx.cs allows the page to display the list of tags

 string resultsUrl = Null.NullString;
var objModules = new ModuleController();
int searchTabId = 0;
ModuleInfo SearchModule = objModules.GetModuleByDefinition(PortalSettings.PortalId, "Search Results");
if (SearchModule == null)
searchTabId = SearchModule.TabID;
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There are two parts to the addition of the skin object. Part 1

<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="TAGS" Src="~/Admin/Skins/Tags.ascx" %>

Then you need to actually add it to the page where you need it.

<dnn:TAGS id="mytags" runat="server" />
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Ah sorry the box stripped some of my code I do have both those lines in and all that is outputted to replace the runat server line is a blank div with the class 'horizontal' –  Peter Oct 28 '13 at 20:13

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