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This is an architectural question. I'm hoping to tap into the amazing minds on this site.

After signing up, the user must select 3 people. Obviously they are presented with more than 3 available choices. At first I thought this would be easy, then as I started to code it, it became apparent that this is not so easy to do. I was thinking of storing the info in a table with the following fields. 1. UserId - the id of the user choosing 2. ChosenUserId - the id of the chosen user

Then comes the complication of client vs. Server. Here's my initial architecture idea: 1. Query about 50 potential choices and serve them to the web page. If the user has looked at the first 50 without choosing 3, then an ajax call to retrieve another 50 happens and so forth. 2. User scrolls through them one at a time and chooses 3 matches. Should this be done using just javascript? After each choice, should an ajax call be sent to store the choice in a db table on the server? How will I enforce that 3 choices have been made?

I'm using MVC 5 with new ASP Identity so the userId is a 128 length string rather than an int. Not happy with this design decision by MS, but will have to live with it.

If I do the ajax call to the db on each choice, do I need to query the db to get a count and use this count to determine if the user has chosen 3 matches? I'm thinking this table could have millions of records so that won't scale very well as it must be instantaneous. No delay when choosing one after the other. In view of this, would it be better to keep track of the choices using javascript on the client, storing them in an array. Then when the 3 is reached, ajax the data all at once to the server? This would scale better, but doing it on only the client could potentially be hacked and the count altered by a clever user.

I keep thinking I'm missing something obvious. This type of requirement is new to me and I'm feeling tremendously challenged and am looking for feedback on architectural ideas to tackle this challenge.

Thank you.

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