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In the book "Pro ASP.Net Web Api Security" by Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan the author states (At the end of Chapter 1):

Caution: ASP.NET Web API is meant for developing web APIs. In other words, although it can technically work, it is not the right candidate for supplementing your web application's AJAX needs, especially when the AJAX use cases are very few.

Can you please postulate on the author's perspective? Specifically - how this tutorial from MSDN seems to contradict the notion that Web API Shouldn't be used to serve AJAX.

I am trying to define an OWIN/Katana tech-stack and am having a hard time discovering which component is most suitable for what.

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I think I almost understand what he means. For flexible return types (JSON/XML) then yes its good and works fairly well with ajax, but for using weird authentication methods that ajax can't natively keep with (unless you use a jquery cookie plugin), it turns into a really painful experience. Now, I agree Web Apis and RESTful services should be good to work with Ajax, and I disagree that 'use casses are very few'. –  Felype Oct 24 at 21:05

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