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Ok So I have some questions about VBA Syntax to Build Access Report.

I know of the following functions to insert information CreateReportControl Function, and to delete information DeleteReportControl, and even to modify sections using section
EX: rpt.section(acDetail).Height=0.

  1. I want to know how to toggle off the page header and footer, not just set Visable to False. I want it so it cannot be seen in Design View.

  2. How to duplicate a report in Vba and assign it a new name / add a Sub Report to a main report and move it's placement around. Or at lease duplicate it and leave it open because I have a code the renames it as shown here:

    Public Function GetUniqueReportName() As String
    Dim intCounter As Integer
    Dim blnIsUnique As Boolean
    Dim rpt As Object
      For intCounter = 1 To 256
          GetUniqueReportName = "SubReport_" & Format(intCounter, "0000")
          blnIsUnique = True
          For Each rpt In CurrentProject.AllReports
              If rpt.Name = GetUniqueReportName Then blnIsUnique = False
          If blnIsUnique Then Exit Function
     GetUniqueReportName = ""
     End Function
  3. Also is there any more functions that would help me build a Access report via VBA, you don't have to explain what they do I just want to know what they are so I can search for them directly because there is not a lot of information on the web on how to do this.

All this information would be of much help, and I am under the assumption that many other people could use this information as well as there is not a lot on this subject. Thanks in advance! :) If you cant answer all the questions that's ok any information at this point is a bonus.

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III. This will create rptTmp by calling rptCreateTmpReportSimple():

Function rptCreateTmpReportSimple()
  Dim lLeft As Long, lTop As Long, lWidth As Long, lHeight As Long
  Dim strFld As String, strRecordSource As String
  Dim strRpt As String
  Dim rpt As Access.Report
  Dim ctl As Access.control
  strRecordSource = "MyTableName"
  strRpt = "rptTmp"
  Set rpt = Application.CreateReport
  rpt.visible = False
' define report properties, unit is in twips.
  rpt.RecordSource = strRecordSource
  rpt.caption = "Special Report"
  rpt.DefaultView = acPreview
  rpt.Width = 9870
  rpt.visible = True
' save it with a name:
  DoCmd.Save acDefault, strRpt
' create a textbox for each field:
  strFld = "FieldName1"
  lLeft = 100
  lTop = 50
  lWidth = 2000
  lHeight = 250
  Set ctl = Application.CreateReportControl(strRpt, acTextBox, _
    acDetail, , strFld, lLeft, lTop, lWidth, lHeight)
  ctl.Name = strFld
  ctl.Fontsize = 8
' Create other controls...
  DoCmd.Close acReport, strRpt, acSaveYes
' close ADO objects:
  Set ctl = Nothing
  Set rpt = Nothing
  rptCreateTmpReportSimple = strRpt
End Function

For your question:

I. You cannot delete page header and footer, but you can shrink them to 0 height.

II. Copy rptTmp to rptTmp2:

DoCmd.CopyObject , "rptTmp2", acReport, "rptTmp"
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