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Stupid question ahoy, I fear. I promise I've tried looking for an answer but to no avail.

I am writing code for a friend to run on his Mac, with the goal of just giving him a single .app file that he can run. With that in mind, I'm using Lazarus to write the code and SQLite as the database.

My question is as above: where do I put the SQLite database in the application bundle so the program will find it? At the moment the code reads:

{$IFDEF Windows}
  Connection.DatabaseName := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'Data.db';
{$IFDEF Darwin}
  Connection.DatabaseName := 'Data.db';
Connection.Connected := True;

Which works fine within Lazarus, but as soon as I try and run the .app file, it fails with 'unable to open database file'.

Any direction gratefully received.

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