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I'm using angularjs, combined with mongolab, to create a basic application.

Here is my code

The problem is, i tried to update the date (when i click on "editer"),but when i submit the form, got this error :

TypeError: Object #<Resource> has no method 'update'

The update method is defined, so i don't understant the error, any help ?

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You can change your Project factory a little bit:

updated after comment

angular.module('mongolab', ['ngResource']).
    factory('Project', function($resource) {
        var ProjectApi = $resource('' +
                {apiKey: '7pcSaEmpVzZ90V6CVggeHa6Ys71uaZOA'}, {
            update: {method: 'PUT'}

        var Project = function(data) {
            angular.extend(this, data);

        Project.query = ProjectApi.query;
        Project.get = ProjectApi.get;

        Project.prototype.update = function(cb) {
          return ProjectApi.update({id: this._id.$oid},
                angular.extend(this, {_id: undefined}), cb);
        Project.prototype.destroy = function(cb) {
          return ProjectApi.remove({id: this._id.$oid}, cb);
        return Project;


In EditCtrl you make a strange thing:

function EditCtrl($scope, $location, $routeParams, Project) {
   var self = this;
   // Project is already defined in arguments and it is a service 
   var Project = Project.instance();

Calling Project.instance() will return you plain resource object that doesn't have any update() method! Look at your code in Project factory.

Also change code in EditCtrl:

function EditCtrl($scope, $location, $routeParams, Project) {
        var self = this;
        Project.get({id: $routeParams.projetId}, function(projet) {
            self.original = projet;
            $scope.projet = new Project(self.original);

        $ = function() {
            $scope.projet.update(function() {

And finally you will have it working.

See plunker

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This is how i builded my code at first before changing it. The problem with this code is, when i try to display the data of each record with <div ng-repeat="(key, val) in projet"><div>{{key}}:{{val}}</div> </div> i have 2 extra lines : update and destroy (see in the "editer" view), but i just want to display the mongolab fields (id, name, rang) – user Oct 29 '13 at 12:45
I've updated Project factory in my answer. Of course, it's only a way to do so. I think this nice thread about prototype in javascript will be helpful too… . – Peter Gerasimenko Oct 30 '13 at 5:33

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