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I'm Using Graph# in VB.net i can easily add nodes and edges in it but how can i add labels on these edges ?? can anybody help ...

here's my codes to add nodes and edges

Dim g = New CompoundGraph(Of Object, IEdge(Of Object))()

Dim vertices = New String(29) {}
   For i As Integer = 0 To 29
      vertices(i) = i.ToString()
   Next i


g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(0), vertices(1)))
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Dim g = New BidirectionalGraph(Of Object, IEdge(Of Object))()

'add the vertices to the graph
Dim vertices As String() = New String(4) {}
For i As Integer = 0 To 4
   vertices(i) = i.ToString()

'add some edges to the graph
g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(0), vertices(1)))
g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(1), vertices(2)))
g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(2), vertices(3)))
g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(3), vertices(1)))
g.AddEdge(New Edge(Of Object)(vertices(1), vertices(4)))

_graphToVisualize = g
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