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I'm currently creating a simple custom painting app with Google street-view. The Issue I'm having is the size of the street-view image on different devices. According to the docs(https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/streetview), the image dimensions are based on device width and zoom level for the POV. my little paint program sits on top of street-view and allows the user to simply paint and erase(free draw). However, when a user is to save the image, I send the canvas data to the backend(as a PNG) and store it, along with the position, heading and pitch of the street view location. I do it this way because the static map images are maxed at 640x640, and will not be a large enough image (and I don't have a business account).

So what I'm attempting is to scale the user drawing against the street-view image when loaded into the device width, and be able to edit it again. No such luck. :(

Does anyone know of a way to do this as accurately as possible?

I'm stumped. Thanks for any help.

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