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First read this question I just posted.

Regardless from that question, I have another question.

In the result from my program:enter image description here

I don't get any dates at the lower horizontal axis like the jstockchart demo has:

enter image description here

I also saw that somebody commented on the demo (at the bottom) that they were also not able to reproduce this.

I know the code for attaching times to the axis is the following:

// Specifies date axis ticks.
private static LogicDateAxis createlogicDateAxis(Date baseDate) {
    LogicDateAxis logicDateAxis = new LogicDateAxis(baseDate,
            new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm"));
    logicDateAxis.addDateTick("09:30", TickAlignment.START);
    logicDateAxis.addDateTick("11:30", TickAlignment.END);
    logicDateAxis.addDateTick("13:00", TickAlignment.START);
    logicDateAxis.addDateTick("14:30", TickAlignment.END);
    logicDateAxis.addDateTick("15:00", TickAlignment.END);
    return logicDateAxis;

But why doesn't it show up?

All the code can be found in my other question. Thanks in advance.

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