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Here's my Codeigniter function:

function edit_phone($phone)
            if (preg_match('/^\(?[0-9]{3}\)?[-. ]?[0-9]{3}[-. ]?[0-9]{4}$/', $phone))
	            return preg_replace("/([0-9]{3})([0-9]{3})([0-9]{4})/", "$1-$2-$3", $phone); 
	           $this->CI->validation->set_message('phone', "This must be a 10-digit USA phone number.");
                    return FALSE;       

This validates/checks the input alright, but doesn't reformat it in the db.

Validation is great! But why isn't this returning a standard phone number?!

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maybe you don't save the return value of edit_phone? –  Michael Krelin - hacker Dec 26 '09 at 22:57
Ahh, you could be correct! Could you give me an example? I'm new at this... –  Kevin Brown Dec 26 '09 at 23:04

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I think the problem is that it will ONLY work with a number in the format 1234567890, but based on the regular expression in the preg_match() call, Kevin is also looking to accommodate numbers like:

  • (123)4567890
  • (123) 456 7890
  • 123-456-7890

If so, the regex in the preg_replace() needs to be something like...

preg_replace('/^\(?([0-9]{3})\)?[-. ]?([0-9]{3})[-. ]?([0-9]{4})$/', "$1-$2-$3", $phone)

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Could you please give us example data, that you tried to fill in?

I used the following code:

$phone = "1234567890";
echo preg_replace("/([0-9]{3})([0-9]{3})([0-9]{4})/", "$1-$2-$3", $phone);

and got:


which is absolutely correct, as far as I can tell.

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I believe Michael is correct. Could you please tell me how I would grab the return? –  Kevin Brown Dec 26 '09 at 23:10
$phone_number = edit_phone("1234567890"); the return value is now in $phone_number –  Carson Myers Dec 26 '09 at 23:29

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