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I have a SPD 2010 workflow that uses the start approval process task. This activity allows user to approve or deny a request from the task item. If the user rejects the item, then the workflow status gets set to "Rejected".

My question is how do i get the current workflow status value? i.e. if the user rejects it, then i want the workflow to branch. But how do i branch based on workflow status?

I tried Current Item: Approval Status. But that does not seem to be correct.


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The workflow status are constants (integers), so you'll need to refer to a list like:

  • Status: Value
  • Not Started: 0
  • Failed on Start: 1
  • In Progress: 2
  • Error Occurred: 3
  • Canceled: 4
  • Completed: 5
  • Failed on Start(Retrying): 6
  • Error Occurred (Retrying): 7
  • Canceled: 15
  • Approved: 16
  • Rejected: 17

So you'd need to check if Approval Status equals 17.

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