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I'm a little confused about how to specify my grammar member's type. I want to declare prog and decls as ASTNode. I'm gonna use these members for adding to a list or etc. But yacc can't recognize them as an ASTNode and I get type errors.

Here my tIdent,tCharConst,tIntConstant have some types but, how to give ASTNode type to my members.

  int ival;
  char cval;
  char *sval;
  struct ASTNode *nval;

%token <sval> tIdent
%token <cval> tCharConst
%token <ival> tIntConst

    prog          : decls ;
    decls         : /* empty */
                  | decls decl
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At the very beginning of your .y file, you need something like

struct ASTNode { ... };

in order to declare the type of ASTNode. Or you might instead put it in a .h file:

#include "astnode.h"
%union { 
%term ...

and so on.

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