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I am trying to build a page where I open a projector page, and then send links from my website to that projector page.

I have managed to get it to show the projector page and load the links, but when I refresh or change the parent URL, the projector page is no longer responsive. I believe this is because it is taking my variable name of "projector" and simply giving it a "child" like alias and when I change the parent page, it looses this link.

Is there a better way of accomplishing this where when the parent changes, it keeps the link to the child "Projector" page?

var projector;
function openProjector()
    projector=window.open('','Dwenty Projector','width=800,height=800');
    projector.document.write("<p>This window's name is: " + projector.name + "</p>");

function changeWindow(url){

<input type="button" value="[Open|Refresh] Page Projector" onclick="openProjector()" />

<p align="left"><a href="javascript:changeWindow('http://www.google.com')">Google.com</a></p>
<p align="left"><a href="javascript:changeWindow('http://www.sourceforge.net')">Source Forge.net</a></p>
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Use target property of a tag to point to your projector window.

<p align="left"><a href="http://www.google.com" target="Dwenty Projector">Google.com</a>   </p>
<p align="left"><a href="http://www.sourceforge.net" target="Dwenty Projector">Source Forge.net</a></p>
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The target property of the <a> tag didn't help. Upon reload of the page it looses connection to the Dwenty Projector. –  Gui Lui Oct 29 '13 at 1:56

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