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I want to create a class diagram where a user has different methods such as: login, logout, send and receive messages. I’m going to have 2 types of users: Admin and Operator.

  • Admin: This user will be able to send, receive, delete messages, add, update and delete users, add, update and delete post.
  • Operator: This user will be able to read a post, send, receive and delete messages. I’ve created this class diagram:

class diagram

According to this diagram I could identify 3 different modules: User, Message and Post.

First of all, I’d like to know your opinions about if this diagram is correct. I want to implement MVC, I’ve seen some examples of MVC but any of them had a split in modules. I tried to create a MVC diagram with different modules:

class diagram modules

I have some problems when I need to run a method that belongs to Class Post from Class Admin, for instance: method createPost().

Class Admin extends User {
    public $post;
    public __construct() {
        $post = new Post();

    public createPost() {

According to above, I’d be accessing to a method that belongs to another model directly and I wouldn’t comply with MVC. I wanted to know if there is someone who had a similar problem and how to do to solve it.

At the moment, I’m not interested in learning any framework. I prefer implementing my own solution. I’ve seen how to work HMVC which is implemented in some frameworks. They have a root controller which manages each request:

I can't put a link or image, but it's a kind of tree where there is a root controller which manages each request. If you look it up at google, just write HMVC and it'll appear.

I don’t like on this way because I think I’d have to write a lot of code if I want to add a module in the future. I prefer looking for another solution. Do you know how to implement MVC with different modules?

I’m a newbie creating class diagram so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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the model design seems wrong, you should has base user model then inherit the model to normal user, admin,and operator. you may not inherit admin from user directly. also this is nothing to do with MVC, it's Design Pattern you are looking for, you may look for Factory Method pattern or Abstract Factory pattern –  caoglish Oct 29 '13 at 2:04
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