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I was stumped when my recent Lazarus Pascal project started giving out a strange CIRCULAR REFERENCE error 2 days ago.

I have now removed ALL elements of the project and only have the LPR file open. When I hit F9 to compile and run, I see the same error. So I suspect that there are some older output files that are messing up.

How can I identify and delete them so that my project will compile?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with Lazarus 1.0.10 + PostgreSQL

Thanks a million!

EDIT: 2013-11-02

I've just come back from a TSUNAMI! I tried a lot of things and finally formatted my OS and came back afresh. New projects work fine. But my old project with the problem is still the same. It fires a circular reference error:

stdctrls.pp(9,52) Fatal: Circular unit reference between StdCtrls and LCLIntf

The funny thing is that the said line is BLANK. There are comments before and after it. My concern is WHY? I am NOT using LCLIntf anywhere in my code.

EDIT: 2013-11-03

I noticed a strange thing. I had an LPS file for the project. It had some entries with references to StdCtrls. I then changed the project option to NOT use session file. Instead it uses LPI file only. But now I find the same StdCtrls entry in my LPI file. I don't know why this is happening. I opened the LPI file's entry referring to StdCtrls (and even removed the backup file). But everytime I open it in Lazarus, the entry is back in there.

This is the entry I found and deleted.

    <Filename Value="/usr/share/lazarus/1.0.12/lcl/stdctrls.pp"/>
    <UnitName Value="StdCtrls"/>
    <WindowIndex Value="0"/>
    <TopLine Value="1"/>
    <CursorPos X="52" Y="9"/>
    <UsageCount Value="10"/>

I strongly believe that this is the one that is causing the circular reference error.

Any idea on HOW I can get rid of this and fix my project?


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There are other possible causes. Mutual references can cause seeming fleeting behaviour (depending on compilation order). Cross-unit inlining aggrevates it.

Try to minimize it to a few unit, and then play with mutual references (units using eachother, either directly or as part of an USES cycle), and disable all inlining in the relevant units first.

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I'm afraid I can't remove any unit. I only have one for each form and two additional units that have common functions. That's all. But I think it's some internal call between LCLIntf and StdCtrls that's causing the disaster. Thanks anyway for your input. Really appreciate it! –  itsols Nov 2 '13 at 8:08
Do you know when and why LCLIntf gets called by a standard form, and in addition to the lfm and pas files where would I look for code? –  itsols Nov 2 '13 at 10:31

Try to use Shift-F9 - it will run build, which should compile all files from scratch. If this still will not help, you can try to remove some .ppu files which are compiled units. However, be careful to do not remove Lazarus' own .ppu, which are needed for compilation.

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Thanks a lot for your inputs. I tried your methods but they don't seem to work either:/ –  itsols Nov 2 '13 at 8:10

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