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i am using spring-mvc(3.2.4) and spring-webflow(2.3.2) here. i define a flow like this:

<decision-state id="check">
    <if test="signupFlowAction.checkPrecondition(messageContext)" then="firstState" else="error" />

<view-state id="firstState">

<view-state id="error" view="error/bad-thing-happens">

i want to check some business preconditions when the flow startup, so i using a POJO to do so.

public boolean checkPrecondition(MessageContext messageContext) {

    boolean oh_snap = true;

    if (oh_snap) {
        MessageResolver mr1 = new MessageBuilder().fatal().defaultText("fatal message here.").build();
        MessageResolver mr2 = new MessageBuilder().error().defaultText("error message here.").build();
        MessageResolver mr3 = new MessageBuilder().info().defaultText("info message here.").build();


    return ! oh_snap;

this code is fine, but i do not kown how to show the messages in jsp. spring's taglibs did't work? i tried <spring:error path="*"/> nothing happened.

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In your JSP file, try something like this:

<c:forEach items="${flowRequestContext.messageContext.allMessages}" var="message">
    Message Source is ${message.source}
    Message Text is ${message.text}
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thank you very much. i tried it. EL can slove my problem. –  Zhuo YING Oct 30 '13 at 3:33

Assuming that you've got the Spring Form taglib directive specified as follows:

<%@ taglib prefix="form" uri="" %>

Then I think the correct syntax to use the errors tag is:

<form:errors path="*" />
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