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I need to get all the URLs in a website so that I can use it to open the webpage using Selenium get() method. After opening a page I intend to fetch few data from the webpage and move on to next link.

Can you help me out with the best method for doing this and provide a sample code for the same.

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please try it yourself and show us ur effort,if it still doesnt work,we'l be happy to help.. –  Amith Oct 29 '13 at 5:48

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There are probably other ways of doing this but this is the first way I thought of.

    // Create your driver of choice
    WebDriver fDriver;
    fDriver = new FirefoxDriver();

    // Direct the driver to the site that you want to get all the links from
    fDriver.get("Site URL here...");

    // Grab all the anchor tags on the page you're currently on.
    List<WebElement> anchors = fDriver.findElements(By.tagName("a"));

    // Create a 2nd List to hold the URLs of the anchor tags.
    List<String> allURLs = new ArrayList<String>();

    // Iterate through all the anchors that you got.
    for (WebElement a : anchors) {

        // Print out the URL of the anchor.

        // Store the URL of the List.

    // Now just get the URL you want to use from the list...
    String siteURL = allURLs.get(0);
    // and enter it into the get() method of the driver.

The 2nd part of using ALL the URLs with the get method is up to you to figure out but I think I've given you a good start. Hope it helps!

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