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i want to delete all the previously created indices. i am using Lucene.net.

i tried the following:

Term term = new Term(); //empty coz i want to delete all the indices
IndexReader rdr = IndexReader.Open(_directory);


but i get error. any idea how to go about it?

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The best way to delete an index is to wipe the filesystem directory. However, if you wan't to regenerate the index, the easiest way is to open a new indexwriter with the create parameter as true. It will start a new index deleting the contents of the existing one.

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although the thread is old i think it's better to give answer.. might be useful for somebody else. deleteAll() method of IndexWriter can be used to delete all documents indexed.

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As Jokin said, the easiest was is to delete all of the files within the directory. i.e.;

DirectoryInfo directoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(@"IndexLocation");
Parallel.ForEach(directoryInfo.GetFiles(), file => {
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From the Lucene.Net API Doc:

public static IndexReader Open(Directory);

Expert: Returns a read/write IndexReader reading the index in the given Directory, with a custom IndexDeletionPolicy. NOTE: Starting in 3.0 this will return a readOnly IndexReader. Throws CorruptIndexException if the index is corrupt. Throws IOException if there is a low-level IO error.

i guess you should try

IndexReader rdr = IndexReader.Open(_directory, true);
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