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I have a project that is an SDK which I need to test. There is a sample app build that uses the SDK and a test project that test SDK using ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 on the sample app.

Now, I wanted to expend my tests but foundout that I can't add functionality to the sample app. I decided to try a workaround and create a second Android project that I will use for internal testing (Sample app is used by customers).

I'm trying to use the same test project for both projects (sample app and internal testing) but getting ClassDefNotFound. It seems that at least one of the project have classpath issues.

I tried putting two instrumentations in the Android manifest but it didn't resolve anything.

    android:targetPackage="com.something.sdk.test" />
    android:targetPackage="com.something.internal.test" />

My questions: 1. Can I use a single test project in order to test two projects ? 2. Should I? 3. What is the best practice.

Thanks in advance.

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