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I've put four fields inside a text object. Is it possible to suppress the fields inside a text object? (CR2008)
Field1 - Eng Name - Peter Lee
Field2 - Birth - 20/5
Field3 - Age - M
Field4 - Comma ( , )

I've put those fields inside a text object like this:
Result: Peter Lee , 20/5 , M

Now I want to suppress last two fields {Field4}{Field3} if {Field3} is null
Result: Peter Lee , 20/5

As the suppress function of field in text object was disappeared. How can I do this?

Modified on 29 Oct

Actually my cases are more complicated. I've total 5 fields. (Get data from Stored Procedures)
{Collection Date} {Payment Method} {Bank Name} {Cheque No} {Balance}
Every fields can be NULL or with value

I try to modify SP like this:

WHEN {Collection Date} <> NULL THEN
{Collection Date} + ', '
END AS 'CollectDate'

WHEN {Payment Method} <> NULL THEN
{Payment Method} + ', '
END AS 'PayMethod'


If {Payment Method} {Bank Name} {Cheque No} {Balance} both are NULL then I will get the result:
15/10, (with Comma at the end)

Is there any simply method to do this? Otherwise I need to add many conditions.

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You should create a formula field, and from there you check if field4 id null

something like this

Local StringVar y;
y := {Field1} + " " + {Field2};
if isnull({Field4}) = false then
  y := y + {Field3} + " " + {Field4};

Then you assign your formula field to the text object

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Hi In the suppress condition of field 4 write this. isnull(field 3)

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Because all fields are inside a text object. I cannot see the suppress function when I format the field. – Anmi Oct 30 '13 at 2:50

You'll need to create a formula field to get the desired result.

if isnull({field3}) then {Field1}&{Field4}&" "&{Field2} else {Field1}&{Field4}&" "&{Field2}&{Field4}&" "&{Field3}

Then use the formula field in the Text Object.

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