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I'm trying to read qemu-kvm and kvm modules and it is quite hard to understand the following:

How does qemu-kvm interact with kvm kernel module?

Any explanations or pointers would be appreciated.

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qemu-kvm interacts with KVM via ioctls. The KVM_CREATE_VM ioctl, sent to a file descriptor for /dev/kvm, creates a VM file descriptor. The KVM_CREATE_VCPU, sent to a VM file descriptor, creates a VCPU file descriptor. The KVM_SET_REGS ioctl, sent to a VCPU file descriptor, initializes the registers. More information is passed between QEMU and KVM by mmap-ing the VCPU file descriptor. Finally, the guest runs with the KVM_RUN ioctl sent to a VCPU file descriptor, until the kernel needs QEMU to do something (typically emulate some piece of virtual hardware).

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