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I've been writing a Gtk+ application using gtkmm, and I'm trying to add a global keyboard shortcut which calls a callback. Unfortunately, the connect() method of Gtk::AccelGroup isn't available in gtkmm, apparently intentionally because you can make the connections using ActionGroups...

Anyway, I have the following code:

actions_= Gtk::ActionGroup::create();

    Gtk::Action::create("new"), Gtk::AccelKey("<control>n"),
    sigc::mem_fun(this, &Window::new_buffer_thing)


Which compiles and runs without warning, but the keyboard shortcut does nothing. I've been fiddling with this for hours, so any help or direction would be appreciated!

Am I doing something obviously wrong? Why wouldn't the accelerator work?

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I tried this and also couldn't get it to do anything - but then I don't know whether this was the recommended way to do it, and I just pasted it wholesale, so if there is anything missing, I wouldn't know what it is! The real reason for this comment is that, since this is quite high on Google for things like GTKmm keyboard shortcuts, for readers - it looks like ActionGroup is deprecated as of GTKmm 3.10, and quick searches indicate it's been replaced by similarly named classes in the recent Gio (glibmm) namespace. Maybe you'll have more luck there. – underscore_d Feb 25 at 23:03

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