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I am going to start writing a framework from scratch. I am thinking to use or module to connect to remote systems.

As I have worked on both (very basics), I don't know benefits of one module over other.

If someone here knows what is difference and advantages of one over other, please share ideas/thoughts or links where i can research.

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telnet is unencrypted, you shouldn't use it to connect to remote systems. Try one of the ssh modules instead. – RobEarl Oct 29 '13 at 9:45
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I would use Expect if I have a lot of Interactive communication with the remote server. Besides, there is a ssh wrapper for expect available on cpan

For a non interactive program , I would use Telnet.

However, I would prefer SSH and key-based authentication to do the job. There are SSH modules available for perl.

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Telnet is an insecure and old protocol that nobody should be still using. Move into SSH!

From Perl, you have several SSH modules available. My (biased) advice is that you should go for Net::OpenSSH, Net::SSH2 or Net::SSH::Any.

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