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I am having difficulties Understanding and consuming Webservices in . i've created some Webmethods to be exposed , and tested them using the (Namespace = "") and then i created a simple client application , that calls one of the functions through passing it as the "action" parameter in the form tag , something like :

<form id="form1"  action='http://localhost:3880/SoapService/Service.asmx/HelloWorld'

What i can't figured out:

  • if possible a better Explination of Webservices and how they use and consume SOAP Messages
  • How to pass Parameters with the function call, when i put the function url in the action parameter , like above.
  • How to consume the soap message itself. (is that possible?)
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This article should help explain things a little.

Tutorial on Creating ASP.NET Web Service

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+1 for the article – Madi D. Dec 27 '09 at 8:15

maybe this will help to reads incoming request parameters for Web services


  • and i think the following will answer ur third question Click here
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+1, thanks for the articles, looks pretty helpful,will come back when i am done reading :) – Madi D. Dec 27 '09 at 9:01

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